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9/16/2014 - Mike Akins Spotlights the ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETF (The ETF Store audio interview).

The Problem: The Dividend Trade-off

Dividends have historically constituted a large percentage of the stock markets total return making them a cornerstone of any equity strategy. However, in the search for dividend stocks, many dividend-weighted indices sacrifice diversification at the expense of yield and are heavily concentrated in a small number of stocks or sectors such as utilities, healthcare and consumer staples in US markets or financials and telecoms in international markets. Dividend-weighted indices that do offer broad diversification often times do so at the expense of yields and often times pay dividends that are only modestly higher than broad-based equity indices.

Our Solution: Dogs Theory - Yield - Diversification

The ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs Series seeks to address these shortcomings by providing access to high dividend paying stocks while maintaining both diversification and upside potential

By expanding the Dogs of the Dow theory to a wider universe of stocks, the Exchange Traded Funds seek to retain the high dividend yield and deep value characteristics of the strategy but with sector diversification across a much broader universe of stocks.

The ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs Series are ETFs that utilize the Dogs of the Dow theory to access potentially undervalued high dividend stocks in every sector of the market.

ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETF (NYSE: SDOG) focuses on U.S. large-cap companies and applies the theory on a sector-by-sector basis to the S&P 500.

ALPS International Sector Dividend Dogs ETF (NYSE: IDOG) focuses on international large-cap companies and applies the theory on a sector-by-sector basis to the S-Net Developed Markets Index (ex-Americas).

ALPS Emerging Sector Dividend Dogs ETF (NYSE: EDOG) is an Exchange Traded Fund that applies the 'Dogs of the Dow Theory' on a sector-by-sector basis using the S-Network Emerging Markets Index as its starting universe of eligible securities.

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